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POS Software for all Retail Businesses

YES-POS (point of sale) is a POS Software for Grocery Stores, General Stores, Super Markets, Chains of Super Markets, Retail Chains, Liquor Shops, Restaurants, Gift Stores, Mobile Stores, Stationary Stores and Electronic Stores with more than 260+ satisfied customers. It is compatible with Magento, Shopify, and other e-commerce services for seamlessly transferring all your website data into software.

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YES POS For Retail

Maximize your retail potential! YesPOS streamlines inventory, boosts sales with analytics, and cultivates customer loyalty. Upgrade today!
Liquor shop pos software

YES POS For Liquor Store

Cheers to smart selling! YesPOS ensures legal compliance, manages licenses, and crafts enticing promotions. Elevate your liquor business now!

YES POS For Restaurant

Revolutionize dining with YesPOS! Effortlessly manage tables, customize orders, and empower staff. Upgrade your restaurant experience.

Transform Your Business with Yes POS

Discover the ultimate solution for streamlined business operations with YesPOS. Our comprehensive point of sale system software caters to diverse industries, including retail and restaurants, offering unparalleled efficiency and flexibility. Whether you're a small business owner seeking invoicing software or a restaurant or liquor shop proprietor in need of robust POS systems, YesPOS delivers seamless transactions, inventory management, and enhanced customer experiences. Experience the power of YesPOS for your retail or hospitality establishment today.

Yes POS Retail: Revolutionize your retail experience with YesPOS! Seamlessly manage inventory, gain insights with robust analytics, and build customer loyalty with personalized promotions. Our user-friendly system empowers retailers to thrive in today’s dynamic market.

Yes POS Liquor: Elevate your liquor business with YesPOS! Ensure legal compliance with age verification, effortlessly manage liquor licenses, and create enticing promotions. Experience efficient sales operations and safeguard against unauthorized transactions. Cheers to a smarter way of selling spirits!

Yes POS Restaurant: Transform your restaurant with YesPOS! Simplify table management, customize orders effortlessly, and integrate seamlessly with kitchen displays. Empower your staff with efficient scheduling and enhance the dining experience for your patrons. Let YesPOS be your recipe for success

YES POS Retail Features

1. Store Creation:- Easily set up and manage store details with the store creation feature. This ensures accurate and organized information for each retail location.

2. Back Office:- The back-office module enables the creation and management of master data, unit masters, and locations, providing a centralized hub for crucial business information.

3. Employee Master:- Efficiently create and maintain an employee database, allowing retail owners to manage staff details, roles, and permissions seamlessly.

4. Products Company:- Add and manage product companies effortlessly, streamlining the process of organizing and categorizing products within the retail system.

5. Products Categories:- Categorize products efficiently with the product categories feature, facilitating better organization and easier navigation for both retailers and customers.

6. Products Master:- This feature enables the addition and management of individual products, ensuring an up-to-date and accurate inventory.

7. Supplier Master:- Create and maintain a comprehensive database of suppliers, streamlining the procurement process and fostering better relationships with suppliers.

8. GRN (Goods Receipt Note):- Easily add products to the inventory with the Goods Receipt Note feature, ensuring accurate tracking of stock levels and inventory management.

9. Purchase Return:- Facilitate the return of products to the inventory with the purchase return feature, maintaining accuracy in stock levels and inventory records.

10. Reports:- Generate insightful reports, including stock reports, GRN reports, payment receipts, sales bills, and detailed sales bills. These reports provide valuable data for informed decision-making and performance analysis.

There are two type of YES POS are there
  • Desktop Based

         We Work for Desktop Based POS Software.

  • Web Based

This POS Software has various sections which are as follows

Software Detail section :-

In this section a detail about application is provided like barcode scanning. Manage selling price and Credit sales etc.

The basic functionality of this section is as follows

  • Manage Items /Category
  • Barcode Generation and scanning
  • Mange /Selling Price
  • Manage Customer
  • Mange Cash / Credit Sales
  • Manage Print bills
  • POS (point of scale) by Barcode
  • Receive Customer Payment
  • Manage Cash Payment
  • Reports Generation which may be of different types like
    • Stock Report
    • Categorized Stock Report
    • Cash Register
    • Sales Details
    • Cash / Credit Sales Details
    • Customer Ledger
    • Supplier Ledger
    • Sales Register
    • Purchase Register

POS (Point of Sale) :-

This is the most important part of a application because all important tasks are performed here

The tasks are of different types like

  • Barcode Scanning
  • Multiple item Entry
  • Cash / Credit/Card Sales
  • ISales Return/Exchange
  • Cancel Sales

Accounts Section :-

As the name is specifying accounts here accounts of each and every thing is maintain like purchase, sales, payment etc.

This section maintain following data

  • Customer Accounting
  • Purchase
  • Purchase Register
  • Physical Stock Verification
  • Sales Register
  • Cash Book
  • Inventory Reports
  • Salary issues
  • Expenses
  • Payment / Receipt
  • Reports

Silent features of this application are as follows :-

  • Desktop Application
  • User Level Security
  • User Level Access Permission
  • Role Based Security
  • Code Access Security
  • Report Export (Excel/pdf/rtf/doc/Printer)
  • Dynamic Report Creation
  • Rich User interface
  • Parameterized calculation

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