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Desktop SMS application for SMS provider companies

Desktop sms application is an application build for sms providing companies. The idea behind this application is to take Contacts from system on which it is installed data may be present in any format like Tally, XML, csv, xlsx, doc, docx, access, dbf(FoxPro),Outlook address book. After importing data this application stores contacts on web using APIs and organizes them in a group. We can add, edit, and view data in database. It is a Skype Like in which we can message on 10 Digit number and it has a Google Talk like interface. One features which make this app better is that it run like a service in task bar.

Silent Features of this application are as follows :-

  • Add / Edit/ View Contacts in to database.
  • Spell Check functionality.
  • Google Talk like Interface.
  • Check Balance functionality.
  • Open Excel File and Word File in to application to send message.
  • Message scheduling functionality.
  • Send Message functionality.
  • Sent Report functionality.
  • Change Password functionality.
  • Settings functionality according to our needs.
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